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Dror Orbach shares images from a 2017 expedition to coastal Alaska. Traveling on a small ship with a few naturalists and under 100 guests meant Dror was able to explore nature reserves and inlets – often on small 8 person Zodiacs – and get very close to glaciers, icebergs, sea lions, whales and other animals.  As well, he landed and hiked on a small island reachable only by means of these small dinghies.  Altogether Dror spent 8 exhilarating days traveling from Juno to Sitka. Please join us upstairs -Mar 12 to Apr 2- in the Powell Gallery and share in the adventure.

Members are encouraged to contact the Gallery Curator  for arranging photographic exhibitions. Photos may be framed, or the club’s frames may be used for exhibition purposes. There are normally four to six exhibitions during the year and exhibition notices are sent to the membership when appropriate.

Please join us upstairs on your next visit to the club.


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