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The Powell Gallery is pleased to announce our upcoming show.

  Beginning at the End


TCC Year-end Prints, May 2017


The year at the Toronto Camera Club culminates with a night when trophies are given for the outstanding images from the season. The wonderful prints in this show are a selection from prints that were submitted in various categories with some award winners among them. We never got to view these and they are too good for us to allow them to slip by. Prints are made to be seen so please enjoy these. And consider printing some of your own images this year to share at the club.


An image is never really finished until it is printed


Your best work deserves that honor (and perhaps a trophy in 2018)


Printing will improve your photography 


TCC Trophies which may be awarded: 


R. A. Panter Colour Print Trophy- competition submissions 

James B. Bertram Mono Print Trophy- competition submissions 

Portrait/Human Interest Trophy -a human portrait or character study.  

Tibor Kovacs Trophy -monochrome image of a child or children.  

Arthur Paulin Memorial Trophy - monochrome or colour Landscapes.  


Rex Frost Memorial Trophy - a series of four colour prints



Exhibited works by




Ann Alimi, Christopher Siou, Gareth Jones, James Cuthbert, Jim Orgill, Kathy Moore, MaryAnn Griffin, Mona Turnbull, Rachel Schneiderman, Robin Blake, Missy Mandel, Terri Jankelow, & Victor Peters 


Members are encouraged to contact the Gallery Curator  for arranging photographic exhibitions. Photos may be framed, or the club’s frames may be used for exhibition purposes. There are normally four to six exhibitions during the year and exhibition notices are sent to the membership when appropriate.

Please join us upstairs on your next visit to the club.


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