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The Powell Gallery is pleased to announce our upcoming show.

Pat Zuest 

Grizzly Bears of British Columbia

The images in this show are a collection of wildlife images from Pat’s travels within B.C. over the past 2 years. She loves observing the behaviour of the subjects she photographs and creates images that tell a story of their lives. These particular images, mostly shot from an aluminum fishing dingy, tell the story of the grizzlies who gather each fall at Tsylos Lake to feast on salmon

Pat is retired and photography has become a major part of her life.  She belongs to two photography clubs (The Toronto Camera Club and The Toronto Digital Photography Club) where she competes in competitions at the masters level and has won many awards over the years. She contributes to the photographic community as a judge for photography competitions held throughout Ontario,

She has a passion for making AV shows and has produced dozens of these from her travels to exotic places such as Africa, India, Ecuador, Japan, Cuba, the Galapagos Islands, Italy, as well as North American locations such as Ontario's lake country, Newfoundland, western USA and B.C which she presents at camera clubs, seniors programs, special interest groups and travel groups.

Pat has felt privileged to witness the life of these bears and we are privileged to enjoy Pat’s images

Members are encouraged to contact the Gallery Curator  for arranging photographic exhibitions. Photos may be framed, or the club’s frames may be used for exhibition purposes. There are normally four to six exhibitions during the year and exhibition notices are sent to the membership when appropriate.

Please join us upstairs on your next visit to the club.


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