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The 2017/18 season is here already and we're VERY excited to announce our new lineup of speakers for the Fall series. The Spring series will be announced later in the year!

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October 5, 2017

Paul Teolis - Antarctica:Through the lens of an Expedition Photographer

Paul Teolis Paul A. Teolis is an award-winning photographer, educator and animation professional.

With more than 25 years in the motion picture and television industry, he has contributed animation to numerous films, television shows and independent productions, spanning such internationally recognized studios as Steven Spielberg’s DreamWorks Animation, Walt Disney's Paris Studio, and the National Film Board of Canada.

Photography has taken Paul to more than 65 countries from the Himalayan Kingdom of Bhutan to the icy shores of Antarctica and everywhere in-between.

In 2012, he was instrumental in launching the Photographer-In-Residence program onboard the M/S Expedition for G Adventures, now spending two to three months of the year on board sharing his expertise, working yearly in both Antarctica and the Arctic.

While mostly exhibiting his photographic work, he stresses the importance of strong composition when teaching and the importance of getting back to the basics when shooting.

Paul was awarded an International residency in Svalbard in 2013, by the organization “” sailing with 25 international artists to complete thesis projects and in July of 2016, the British government in conjunction with IAATO awarded him a commemorative Antarctic postage stamp.

See Paul’s stunning images on his website at:, and follow him on Instagram @paulteolisphotography


October 12, 2017
Tom Gasek - Photographic Animation
Tom Gasek Tom Gasek has over 30 years of award winning professional stop motion animation experience as an animator and director.

He has worked with directors Will Vinton, Art Clokey and Henry Selick and while at Aardman Animations he contributed animation to Nick Park’s Wallace and Gromit short, “The Wrong Trousers” and the Peter Lord / Nick Park Feature, “Chicken Run.”

Gasek co-directed and animated the “Inside-Out Boy” for Nickelodeon, which is a part of the permanent collection at the Museum of Modern Art in New York.

He maintained two small stop motion studios, one in San Francisco called “Sculptoons” and OOH, Inc. in Massachusetts.

Most recently, Tom contributed animation to Aardman’s “Creature Comforts America”, Sony Bravia’s “Play-Doh”, Laika Studio’s “Coraline”, a series of Amazon Prime spots for Hornet Inc. in 2016 and he continues to direct and animate commercials and independent films.

In the past several years, Tom produced, directed, and animated two award winning short independent stop motion films, “Off-Line” and “Ain’t No Fish”.

He wrote a book in 2011 for Focal Press called “Frame by Frame Stop Motion.” He just completed a second edition.

Tom has trained animators at the Se-ma-for Studios in Lodz Poland, given workshops, based on his book, in Lima Peru (on a Fulbright Grant), The New Orleans Children’s Film Festival and The Museum of Play in Rochester, New York.

Tom teaches Stop Motion Animation, Acting for Animation and heads the MFA program in the School of Film & Animation at R.I.T. His work can be viewed at as well as on
October 19, 2017
Gary Ray Rush - The Zone System
Gary Ray Rush In 1995 after years working in marketing and advertising, and all the while a photography hobbyist with the intent to go pro, Gary took a leap of faith and opened his first professional studio and dark room. He started with shooting actors headshots, referred to me from many top talent agencies in the city. From there he branched out to photograph graduation portraits, dance companies, family portraits, and executives. He has gone on to photograph portraits of many top leaders in business and leaders in the arts.

All the while, Gary pursued artistic expression through his portraits and through his fine art photography. With his most recent fine art series, he is photographing “objects of invention”. Gary coined the term “Macro-Pan” to describe the technique he uses. The process incorporates still life photography and lighting techniques with macro photography and in post-production the merging of multiple photographs in Photoshop to create panoramas. The final image is a large-scale photograph of a relatively small object, lit exquisitely and teeming with detail.

Since 2005 Gary has been teaching weekly classes at his studio on most aspects of creative photography. His students include serious hobbyists, college and university students, and photography professionals. Gary has also written and conducted classes for Vistek Toronto and the staff of the Toronto District School Board. He is also currently writing a book on digital photography for fine art photographers.

Teaching is vital to Gary’s practice as an arts professional. It allows him to clarify and articulate the knowledge he has gained through his own work and fulfills his need to pass on his knowledge to others. Gary is also currently and for the past twelve years the Director of the Elaine Fleck Gallery, one of Toronto’s primary contemporary art galleries.

Visit Gary’s website for a sneak preview of his excellent work at:, and follow him on Instagram @garyrayrush
October 26, 2017
Alice Carver-Kubik - New Tools for Photographic Process Identification and Characterization
Alice Karver Cubik Alice Carver-Kubik, an Image Permanence Institute Research Scientist, received her M.A. in Photographic Preservation and Collections Management from Ryerson University in co-ordination with George Eastman Museum.

She was a 2008-2009 Graduate Intern at the National Gallery of Art in Washington, D.C. where she co-authored the book In the Darkroom: An Illustrated Guide to Photographic Processes Before the Digital Age (2010).

Alice has continued her work researching and writing about photographic processes. She joined IPI to further develop the web resource, Graphics Atlas.

She is now teaching workshops on photograph identification and preservation as well as researching the mechanical behavior of library and archive materials to changes in environment.

Visit Alice’s fascinating Graphics Atlas website at:


November 2, 2017
Margaret Hines - Underwater Fine Art Photography
Margaret Hines website Margaret began exploring photography as a creative hobby in 2004 and is completely self-taught photographically and in post-production editing/printing.

After a varied career in accounting and aesthetics, she decided to focus on photography full time in 2007.

Her early ventures included shooting weddings, nature, portraiture, landscapes, and macro, but her perspective and creative interests changed profoundly after discovering the imaginative underwater works created by Howard Schatz (New York) and Zena Holloway (London).

She was enthralled by the amazing ethereal, flowing weightless quality and wonderful play of light offered by the underwater environment that no studio setting could ever replicate. And, since so few Canadian photographers were working in this medium, she knew there was a fine art niche here just waiting to be explored and filled.

Visit Margaret’s website to see her striking and beautiful work at:, and follow her on Instagram @mhinesunderwater


November 9, 2017
Mark Wolfson - Urban Decay
Mark Wolfson Mark Wolfson, retired Vice President of Henry’s, Canada largest independent camera retailer is a graduate of Ryerson University Photographic Arts.

In his near half century in the photographic business Mark has witnessed extraordinary changes to the equipment, materials, and processes that once defined photography.

Mark is a passionate photographer who has travelled extensively through many parts of North America, Europe, Asia and North Africa. His photographs hang in homes and businesses across Canada and the USA.

Mark has lectured at York University’s Glendon College, Ryerson University, George Brown College, Photographic Clubs and Organizations across Canada. Mark’s presentation “Urban Decay” will take us to building sites we may never see again in the flesh.

Get a taste of Mark’s fabulous work on his website:


Our lecture evenings start at 7:30pm at our building at 587 Mount Pleasant Rd, so please arrive a few minutes early to take your seat.

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