Competition Results: Assigned Topics, Competition 3

Following are the results (listing and images) from the Assigned Topics Competition.

The judging took place on March 31, 2016, using the following certified Judges:

Judge Club
Ted Richards 22 Toronto Camera Club
Harvey Rogers    Richmond Hill CC
Nella Pascal    no club affiliation

Help from the following volunteers was greatly appreciated.

Competition Chair:   Anthony Schatzky
Technology:   Mike Fellhauer
Titles:   Gerda Grice

Rachel Schneiderman


Catalin Sandu

Award Certificates:
  Victor Peters
Web Posting   Matt Frepp
Communications:   Abby Webster
Refreshments: Anthony Schatzky

Submission statistics are as follows:

Auto Details
Division Entries Makers Entries Makers Entries
Images Entered
2 2 2 2
Total: 29 26 34 29 55

All members were judged together regardless of whether they were a Beginner, Advanced or Master

NOTE: The judging Scoresheet can be viewed online here

Congratulations to the competition winners.

Auto Details

Top Series

Porsche GT3,  by Christopher Siou

2 2
RU Claude Sassoon AUTO DETAILS
HM Anthony Schatzky Details From A Vintage Auto Show
Tom Hsiao Automotive precision, from head to tail

Image Viewing Instructions:

 - If you click on an image, a slide show of all images will automatically begin.
 - Click the Pause-button to pause the slide show.
 - If you hover your mouse (move your mouse cursor to an area without pressing a mouse button)
   near the top-left/top-right of the image,you will see a set of prev/next buttons that will allow you
   to click-through at your own pace.
 - Note that the images are grouped by Division and you cannot click-through to another Division.
 - Enjoy!

Top Series: Porsche GT3,  by Christopher Siou

Runner-Up: AUTO DETAILS, by Claude Sassoon

Honourable Mention: Details From A Vintage Auto Show, by Anthony Schatzky

Honourable Mention: Automotive precision, from head to tail, by Tom Hsiao



Top Series

Drama in the sky, by Katie Mak

2 2
RU Tom Hsiao Soaring Amongst The Clouds
HM Bruce Kennedy Palouse clouds


Top Series: Clouds - Drama in the sky, by Katie Mak

Runner-Up: Soaring Amongst The Clouds, byTom Hsiao

Honourable Mention: Palouse clouds, by Bruce Kennedy

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