6 D Botany B06 Christopher Siou Rams head LadyslipperInternal Competition Results: 2013-2014

The Toronto Camera Club has seven competition areas. When you click on a Club Season on the left, you will be able to see the competition categories. The results for each competition in the current season, will be posted after the presentation evening at the club, and the link to the results page will be made active.

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Year-End Results  

2013-2014 YE

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Assigned Topics   Competition-3
Creative Images   Competition-3
Print Images, Colour
Print Images, Mono   Competition-3
Projected Images   Competition-3
Nature Images   Competition-3
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Assigned Topics   Competition-2
Photo Essays ... Competition-2
Creative Images   Competition-2
Print Images, Colour   Competition-2
Print Images, Mono   Competition-2
Projected Images   Competition-2
Nature Images   Competition-2
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Assigned Topics   Competition-1
Photo Essays   Competition-1
Creative Images   Competition-1
Print Images, Color   Competition-1
Print Images, Mono
Projected Images   Competition-1
Nature Images   Competition-1
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Glennie 2013   Results


Image Details: Ram's Head Lady Slipper, Christopher Siou

Division: Masters, Award: Top Image & Best in Show 2011-2012

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