Competition Results: Photo Essays, Competition 1

Following are the results from the Photo Essays Competition.

The judging took place on November 9, 2011, using the following certified Judges:

Judge Club
Sue Curtis
22 TFF
Peter Tomblin
Jonathan Ward

Help from the following volunteers was greatly appreciated.

Competition Chair: Ann Alimi
Technology: Mike Fellhauer
Projection: Ann Alimi

Submission counts are as follows:

Division Submissions
Novice: 7
Experienced: 8
Totals: 15

Congratulations to the competition winners.

To view the Photo Essays, click on the thumbnail images shown below. Note that if you chose to view the video in full-screen mode, the quality will be inferior.

Also note athat the winning Photo Essays are being prepared for the website. As they become available, their thumbnails and associated videos will be added.

Division: Novice

In the arms of an Angel 22 Top

In the Arms of the Angel

by Jeffery Wu

2 2
Rodeo2 RU


by Rachel Schneiderman

BeingPrepared HM

All Aboard!...A Journey by Train

by Dean Arskin

Division: Experienced

BeingPrepared Top

Sentinels of Time

by Christopher Siou

111 2
Ann Alimi-Melissa


Red, Veiled and Uncovered

by Ann Alimi

** Warning - Adult Content **

TheBallerina HM

The Balerina

by Miriana Mitrovich