Competition Results: Creative, Competition 1

Following are the results (listing and images) from the Creative Images Competition.

The judging took place on November 8, 2011, using the following certified Judges:

Judge Club
Nela Pasal
22 TDC
Kas Stone
Bob Hawkins

Help from the following volunteers was greatly appreciated.

Competition Chair: Karol Kisielewski
Technology: Mike Fellhauer
Projection: Karol Kisielewski
Titles: Gerda Grice
Scores: Ralph Grose
Comments: Mark Zaremba
Refreshments: Tanya Grout

Submission statistics are as follows:

Division Members Images
2 2
Beginners: 21 56
Advanced: 13 34
Masters: 18 54
Totals: 52 144

Congratulations to the competition winners.

Division: Beginners

Top Image in Divison

Dragon Fly, by Martin Romain

2 2
RU Laura Blake
Colour Bleed
HM Jane Eden
Cafe Chair and Shadow
HM Dana Fryer Washed Away
HM Noor Al-shaikh
HM Tanya Grout
Metal Bug
HM Nicholas Fulford
Summoniing Mandala of the Floral Shaman
HM Alex Rotaru
Twisted Away

Image Viewing Instructions:

- If you click on an image, a slide show of all images will automatically begin.
- Click the Pause-button to pause the slide show.
- If you hover your mouse (move your mouse cursor to an area without pressing a mouse button)
near the top-left/top-right of the image,you will see a set of prev/next buttons that will allow you
to click-through at your own pace.
- Note that the images are grouped by Division and you cannot click-through to another Division.
- Enjoy!

Division: Advanced

Top Image in Division

Painting Killarney, by Gareth Leung

2 2
RU Agnes Shaw Ballet Rose
HM Catalin Sandu Dreams of Flight
HM Claudette Gravel Tulip's Heart
HM Hyla Fox
One Pear

Division: Masters

Top Image in Division, and Best of Show in Competition

Forbidden Fruit, Sheri Belanger

2 2
RU Sheri Belanger
Night Vision
HM Pat Zuest
Strange Evening on the Dunes
HM Ann Alimi
Painting with Light
HM Sheri Belanger
Always Half Empty