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The Toronto Camera Club participates in a number of external competitions. This page hightlights some of the Club's accomplishments.

Glennie Memorial Nature Salon 2015:

The Toronto Camera Club, as represented by the following 10 entries, came 2nd over all from a total of 85 camera clubs from around the world:

Glennie's Homepage can be found here.

Congratulations to our participating members: Jeffrey Wu, Roger Leekam, Bruce Kennedy, Christopher Siou, Garry Revesz, Missy Mandel and Doug Morris.

CAPA Alterned Reality Competition:

This year the Toronto Camera Club competed in the CAPA Altered Reality Competition and won First Place! This year 24 Clubs from across the Country competed and we won the Gold Medal Certificate, and for the third year in a row. Here are the standings:

Gold Certificate - Toronto Camera club, Toronto ON
Silver Certificate - London Camera Club, London ON
Bronze Certificate - Kelowna Lightroom, Kelowna BC

The following are the Club Members who participated, and should be congratulated for placing our club in first place:

Sheri Belanger, Christopher Siou, Gareth Leung, Agnes Shaw, Catalin Sandu, and Ann Alimi.

Following are the images that led to the Gold Medal Certificate.

CAPA Open Digital Competition (October, 2010):

This year the Toronto Camera Club competed in the CAPA Open Digital Competition, along with a total of 36 Clubs, and placed third, to win the Bronze Medal Certificate.

Our Club Member Philip Sun won the 1st Place Certificate of Merit for his image. Philip's image was the highest scoring in the competition. In fact, the image scored 29 out of a possible 30.

Gold Certificate - North Shore Photographic Society, West Vancouver BC
Silver Certificate - Victoria Camera Club, Victoria BC
Bronze Certificate - Toronto Camera Club, Toronto ON

Following are the related images.

 Image Details: Dreams of Flight, Catalin Sandu


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